Picante Consulting

Picante Consulting is Grant Taylor's software consulting practice.

Embedded software development
  • Product specification and design assistance
  • Kiosks, standalone appliances, networked devices
  • Software for networking and telecommunications, firmware over Linux or BSD
  • Realtime firmware over RTOS or no OS
  • Low volume, quick turnaround devices built from COTS hardware
Linux/UNIX device driver development
  • Printer drivers
  • USB widgets: scanners, power supplies, input devices, etc
  • Network devices: ethernet MACs, PPP encapsulators, etc
Linux/UNIX application development
  • Fault-tolerant designs
  • Secure and robust coding
  • Thoughtful platform, language, and component selection
  • Application framework and middleware design
  • Ancillary Windows software work
Networking software
  • Fully customized no-admin bulletproof minirouters a specialty
  • Distributed and fault-tolerant middleware design
  • Custom protocol design
  • Experience in the network equipment industry


For more information, please contact Grant Taylor <gtaylor@picante.com>.